Our software can help you derive actionable intelligence from public and private data sources.

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Introducing LinkScope

Process large volumes of data

LinkScope can facilitate the extraction of relevant information from any data set at the push of a button. No need to perform manual lookups in databases - let LinkScope take care of it for you!

Explore entity relationships

LinkScope can help you identify how various pieces of data are linked. Whether it be tracking financial transactions, the technology powering a website or donations to political candidates, LinkScope can help demystify the webs of information.

Automate intelligence workflows

LinkScope allows for continuous monitoring of any data source. From Attack Surface Monitoring to Reputation Monitoring, LinkScope allows users to keep track of what everyone knows about your assets, and what they think about your organization.

Leverage cutting-edge AI

LinkScope includes AI features that allow investigators to quickly summarize documents, extract relevant entities, and facilitate semantic searches to help investigators navigate paperwork with ease.


LinkScope treats the knowledge map generated as part of the investigation as a proper graph database, and includes a special Query Language that allows investigators to filter through and manipulate data with ease, as well as view meta statistics of entity attributes.

Export your insights in any format

LinkScope contains functionality to export your data in a variety of formats, from a picture of the graph to a spreadsheet table. Investigators can also leverage the Report Generator function to quickly compile reports with the investigation's relevant findings.

Uncover a Web of Information