Greetings and welcome to AccentuSoft’s blog! This post marks the beginning of our journey as a company. As we progress, we will be posting announcements, updates, as well as helpful content about our products on this page. We hope that you find the content useful, or at least entertaining.

AccentuSoft is the developer of LinkScope, the open source intelligence gathering and processing software. We aim to assist investigators with collecting data from different sources, discovering connections between them, and presenting the findings in a clear and straightforward manner.

The LinkScope Client is open source, and can be found on the company’s Github repository. We are committed to supporting the open source community, as what we’ve built rests on the shoulders of the projects of others. As such, the client will forever remain free and open source. For customers who wish for premium support, we offer a paid subscription. We also offer hosted LinkScope Server instances, which provide additional capabilities to the investigators that require features such as collaboration and document processing. Documentation for the software can be found at the company’s Github repository, and we will also be releasing tutorials and examples of using LinkScope on this blog.

We always welcome suggestions, feedback and especially criticism, as we believe it helps us deliver better products and services.

We hope to be able to assist organizations in their day-to-day operations, and make people’s jobs at least a little bit easier.

Best Wishes,