Greetings investigators! LinkScope version 1.4.0 was just released! Download the installer for the software from the ‘Downloads’ page.

This release includes the long-awaited Macros feature! Macros allow users to run a list of Resolutions, one after the other. This feature aims to help automate workflows where users have defined data pipelines. You no longer need to watch the screen for the moment each resolution finishes!

Users can create Macros through the ‘Node Operations’ menu, and selecting the ‘Create Macro’ option. Then, users import the desired resolutions (and arrange them in the desired order), and press ‘Confirm’ when done. That simple!

Creating a Macro takes less than 20 seconds!

Running a Macro is equally straightforward: Users select the Macro they want to run, and click the ‘Run Macro’ option. Upon running, the first resolution will prompt the user to select what entities they want to use as input, if none are selected on the current canvas. One by one, the resolutions in the macro will take the entities they are given as input, process them, and pass their result to the next resolution. The results of each resolution will be immediately visible.

Sit back and relax while LinkScope processes your data.

Other than the shiny new feature, this release also contains a major refactor that was in the works for quite a while. We have trimmed and optimized a lot of the code in the core application, fixing bugs and speeding up operations. This release also includes new installers, and release binaries that are compiled using Nuitka. The binaries are smaller, and the software should feel faster than ever before.

Finally, we have uploaded a series of short tutorial videos to our YouTube channel. The intent of these videos is to provide a visual aid for using LinkScope. The videos are aimed at beginners, and they showcase how to perform common actions within the software in less than 30 seconds. These are provided to complement the documentation on the software and the introductory blog post.

We aim to make available more training and tutorial materials in the future, to ensure that every user is properly equipped to use the software to its maximum capabilities.

Best Wishes,